It’s not all fairy dust and magical unicorns….

I’m a Pinterest nut. Pinterestaholic. Is there a Pinners anonymous? You get the point. If you’ve read my previous posts here or know me at all, you know I’ve been on this weight-loss and health journey for a while. Well, over a year ago I pinned the following image to my Pinterest board labeled “My Motivation”. My comment/caption was “Never apologize for your hard work! I hope I can say this in 8 years!”.


And here we are, over a year (probably closer to two) closer to said age. I am closer than I ever have been before to being considered “fit” and “healthy”. What she says is absolutely right. Now, it doesn’t mean that every person needs to spend an hour and a half at the gym five days a week, in my opinion. We all have our different goals, and it takes a different amount of work for each of us to reach them individually. But, it’s not all fairy dust, guys! You get out of life what you put into it. So, why do you expect to not work your tail off, but have it appear that you do? I can say this, because I was once the girl who thought she was working hard, when in reality she was slacking off half the days of the week and eating crap all the time.

Guys, I turned 32 this past weekend. I do NOT feel 32. In fact, I’d say over the past couple of years, I feel more like I am going backwards in time. I feel and look like I should have felt and looked at, say, 28. I am so incredibly thankful for the motivators, fitness coaches, and every supportive person in my life who has allowed me to not only get to where I am already, but will allow me to continue on this journey in the future. On a side note, you might ask how I celebrated my birthday – whether I had cake or ice cream, etc. I celebrated with 3 of my favorite things in life – gourmet donuts, Mexican food, and time with my fiance. There are certain times in life when you should celebrate the things that you enjoy in life, and allow your body to have a break and enjoy too. Not to mention, when you allow yourself occasional “cheats”, it helps to refuel your metabolism and confuse your body so it continues to work. I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday festivities, and look forward to seeing what this next year brings!

So, as I talk about how we shouldn’t expect to see results without the hard work – you may be asking what it is that I do to get the results I am getting. Well, before I explain, perhaps it would help to show you a before & current photo. Please understand, I have been running and active for a couple of years now. But, it wasn’t until I started my gluten-free journey and ventured into Paleo life, that I truly started seeing a difference. Sorry, I’m not in the same clothing to show the exact difference, but I’m also not a person who has ever taken full-length photos of herself. The first photo was taken just this past August. Pardon the mud, it was just after a mud run-obstacle course I did with some friends. The photo on the right was taken today.


Ok, so now that you see that there IS a difference, here’s a general outline of what I have been doing with my workouts.

Sundays – Run (usually between 4-6 miles)

Mondays – Body Pump (1 hour cardio strength training class) and usually followed by a 45 minute RPM/Spin class

Tuesdays – Run 3 miles and work abs/core.

Wednesdays – 45 minute RPM/Spin class and 1 hour Body Pump

Thursdays – Rest Day

Fridays – 45 minute Body Pump & 30 minute CxWorx (core class) OR Run 2-3 miles

Saturdays – 1 hour Body Pump IF I didn’t do it on Friday only, and 45 minute RPM/Spin class

My ultimate weekly goal is to burn an estimated 4,000 calories and do strength training/Body Pump class 3 times per week. This is important because I don’t only want to lose weight/fat, but I also want to lean out and gain some muscle. It’s definitely working. And as I’ve mentioned before, prior to eliminating gluten from my diet and starting Paleo, I was generally only able to do strength training twice per week due to my muscles staying sore and not recovering. However, since starting Paleo, I make it to strength training 3 times per week every week, and also have been able to increase my weight in every body part.

Tonight I will leave you with a recipe I stumbled upon recently and tried out today. Not too shabby, either. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Paleo Tagalongs!!! Enjoy!

❤ Manda


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