Stop counting calories (and every other macronutrient) !!!

Y’all, I’ve just been blown away. As in, hello! Wake up! This could change everything. Evidently I wasn’t as proficient in what exactly paleo is all about. Hey, I warned you all that I was a newbie and I am still finding my way. So, a couple weeks ago I realized I need to get back to tracking what I eat to be sure I don’t go off the deep end here. We as humans have become so consumed with counting calories, it’s unreal. Reading my fat intake each day has really made me kinda, well sick to my stomach. So, I start researching what your average person needs to have in fat, calories, carbs, etc. on a daily basis for paleo. The #1 answer (other than that it’s different for everyone) is DON’T COUNT CALORIES. The only thing you should even consider being concerned with is your carb intake. I obviously haven’t dropped mine low enough either – but that’s partly because I’ve still been wrestling with the high fat consumption. It is still something that is bizarre to me – but I trust what I’ve seen so far, and thus have to make the necessary changes to do it right. Every reliable resource that I’ve read advises to concentrate on lean protein with every meal along with a couple servings of veggies, and to add healthy fats in. Your healthy fats should be coconut oil, nut butters, olive oil, nuts (not peanuts!), etc. Multiple sources I have read advise to keep your carbs at or below 50g per day. I’ve been balancing just under 100, up until today. You know what that means? That’s right. I’m kicking it up a notch. Lowering my carbs, and not focusing on anything else other than getting my protein and veggies. So to any of you doing paleo or considering it, please don’t make my mistake and worry about anything other than lowering your carbs and getting in your protein and fresh veggies!


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