Terrific Tuesday Favorites – Might Make Your Mouth Water!

It’s terrific Tuesday, guys. I want to start sharing some of my meals with you all. Some of you may have seen the fabulous spinach salad I posted a photo of on Facebook yesterday. It was a base of baby spinach with chopped pecans, fresh cranberries, and bacon pieces. Here it is. Isn’t it lovely?


That was such a simple thing to throw together, and it was really great. The combination of the tart cranberries with the pecans and bacon was just…yummy. Taking fresh produce and ideas from the season can help to change up your salads and other meals too. Cranberries are definitely a seasonal item, and they won’t be around for too long. Try them out!

So now, on to some of my favorite things I’ve discovered since I’ve started paleo. My absolute favorite thing would probably be a breakfast – Berries & Cream. I took two different recipes I had found and combined them. The first is from Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain website & cookbook. It is a Berries & Cream breakfast. Her post and recipe are HERE. I will say that my “cream” part does not look like that. Perhaps it is the type of coconut milk I am using. It’s not that whipped and white looking, but it sure does taste good. Ok, in addition to that, I make a batch of THESE every week. These are Paleo Breakfast Cookies. I make a batch and put them in the pantry for the week. When I make my Berries & Cream, I crumble one of these cookies on top. It’s like a cobbler…for breakfast. Would be a great dessert idea too! And yes, Dan the man loved this too.

Another favorite of mine has been the antipasto salad. This recipe came from the Paleo Indulgences cookbook, found HERE. It consists of the salad and the dressing separately. I’ll have to post the specific recipe later, but basically in the salad you have artichoke hearts, black olives, salami, sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella (optional). The dressing is a combination of olive oil, mustard, italian seasoning, white wine vinegar, and a couple other things. It really is delish and could be a lunch or dinner option. Don’t worry, I won’t forget to post that recipe soon! Here’s the photo of the last time I fixed it: (I substituted green olives as I didn’t have any black at the time.)


My final favorite thus far would have to be the Coconut & Lime Chicken. How awesome does that sound? Not as awesome as it actually was. Believe me, you MUST try this. HERE is the recipe. I believe I omitted the sugar, as I’m trying to eliminate sugars as much as I can. If you want to use sugar though, one I’d suggest (and I just started using) is coconut palm sugar. It’s a great natural sweetener. I’d also definitely suggest making the marinade for this chicken into a sauce the way it describes. It’s awesome. If you have leftovers, you can have them for lunch or dinner the next day as is, or serve them cold over salad.

Ok kiddos, that’s it for today. If you have certain things you’d like me to post & share about – please comment and let me know! I’m here for YOU.


One thought on “Terrific Tuesday Favorites – Might Make Your Mouth Water!

  1. They all sound good but I’ll be making the antipasta salad after my next trip to the grocery store. Artichoke hearts are one of my most favorite foods. 🙂

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