Welcome to The Power of Paleo!!!

Welcome to my little corner of the web! My name is Amanda. This blog is dedicated to documenting my journey through transitioning to a gluten-free and paleo lifestyle. I want to document this not only for myself, but to help others. As of the start of this blog, I have been eating gluten-free/paleo for approximately 3 weeks. The changes in my body and energy have been amazing for such a short time frame. Since i am still new to the world of paleo and gluten-free eating, please know that many of my posts and recipes will be borrowed from other sources (which will always be shared and linked). I am no pro when it comes to the subject and am still learning. So, come learn with me!

All that being said, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a 31 year old woman living in good ole Bulldog country (that means Georgia, y’all). I have had an ongoing battle with weight and health issues for many years. I have hypothyroidism and a B-12 deficiency (notice I don’t say I suffer from them!). I have been active for the past 3-4 years mostly in running, spinning, and strength training. I’ve tried various diets and different ways of eating to support my body and lifestyle. I’m a girl who has always loved carbs and sweets. It never once occurred to me, even after the “gluten-free fad” became so widespread, that I could be negatively affected by gluten. Not until I read an image one of my friends posted on Pinterest one day. It named a multitude of things that someone with Celiac or a gluten sensitivity might encounter. Some of these things included joint pain, digestive issues, back pain, mood swings, low b12, hypothyroidism, and migraines. When I read this, I felt like I had walked into a brick wall. What I was reading was describing me to a “T”. Prior to this, I had not paid a lick of attention to anything related to gluten. So, I started learning and within a week started transitioning into a gluten-free lifestyle. I quickly realized that just because foods are gluten-free does not mean they are healthy, so I decided to step it up and attempt the Paleo Diet to ensure I was eating gluten-free, healthily.

My results within those first couple of weeks – astounding. My energy was on fire. Not only that, but my strength was increased too. Previously, I was having a hard time doing strength training every other day due to my muscles not recovering fully. By my second week into paleo, I was able to not only keep up with strength training 3 days per week, but also increased my weight in every area. My joint pain was completely eliminated by the end of the second week – to the point I stopped taking Osteo Bi-Flex (yes, I was taking this for joint pain at the age of 31!). My digestive issues began to improve as well. I had read about incorporating kefir into a paleo diet and decided to try it, while eliminating another supplement – Align probiotic. Now, the biggest improvement physically/visually has definitely been in my midsection. Maybe some day I’ll feel comfortable posting those photos to show the difference, but for now just believe me when I say that the difference in 2 weeks was simply amazing.

Did I mention I’m getting married in 6 months? Yeah, just another reason I want to be in shape, healthy, and beautiful for that big day. So my fiance, Dan, is coming along this paleo journey with me. He’s such a trooper. I’ll try to always include his perspective and opinions on the recipes I post, too.

I plan to post mostly recipes and tips for eating gluten-free and paleo on a budget. It definitely can be harder on your wallet to eat this way, but I’ll be passing along many ways to help with that. The majority of recipes I share will be paleo-friendly, but I know that I will want to have “cheat” meals which I will stick to being gluten-free as often as possible. So, if anything I post is not paleo, I will definitely be sure to note that. I also want this to be an inspirational place for us. I thrive off sharing positive things and inspirations.

So, that’s my introduction for now. Whatever brought you here, thank you. Thank you for reading and sharing in my journey. I hope you stick around because I have a lot to share with you!


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